Songwriter, Chad Hamilton

2019 SONG OF THE YEAR 20th Lehigh Valley Music Awards
STIR THE SKY recorded by Jordyn Kenzie
co-written by Jordyn Kenzie
and Victoria Banks

2018-9 Frank Brown Song Contest TOP TEN
DOG BEERS co-written by Victoria Banks
and Dr. Brad Watkins

2017-8 Frank Brown Song Contest TOP TEN
BEST MISTAKE co-written by Victoria Banks
and Mitch Hammer

34th Annual Mid-Atlantic Contest honorable mention for
ECHO co-written by Jordyn Kenzie

2016 Frank Brown Song Contest honorable mention for
ECHO co-written by Jordyn Kenzie

33rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Contest honorable mention for
JUST PRESS PLAY co-written by Lexi Peto

Songwriter, Chad Hamilton

Melissa Eibeck's single

was cowritten by Chad Hamilton
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Jordyn Kenzie's single STIR THE SKY
and Lehigh Valley SONG OF THE YEAR
was cowritten by Chad Hamilton
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Lexi Peto's EP SUNBURN
was produced by Chad Hamilton
and includes three co-written cuts
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Songwriter, producer, publisher
country, pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic/dance
Phone: (615) 533-6229

Member ASCAP Global Songwriters Connection NSAI

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Global Songwriters Connection Interviews Chad Hamilton
STIR THE SKY - Performed by Jordyn Kenzie; Written by Jordyn Kenzie; Chad Hamilton; and Victoria Banks

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Chad Hamilton

Chad Hamilton is working hard and having fun as a songwriter and producer.  He has had numerous independent cuts and producer credits over the past few years, with more on the way in 2019.  Chad’s songs have received Top Ten and honorable mention recognitions in both the Frank Brown and Mid-Atlantic Song Contests over the past several years.  A complex individual, however, he wears many other hats including data scientist, father, husband, animal advocate, charity board member, and indie label owner.

Born and raised in the rural town of Chesterfield, New Jersey, by two loving parents who he describes as “the greatest people I know,” Chad’s early inspirations for performing and writing music came at the age of nine. That is when Chad began studying guitar and learning music from rock greats, from Clapton and Hendrix to Bon Jovi and Alice in Chains. He took up the electric and upright bass and performed and composed symphonic and jazz music in high school. Chad soon became active in several rock bands as a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and bassist. Additionally, he began to experiment with music production and produced numerous projects of a variety of musical genres.

At Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Chad began a degree in the Recording Industry and finished his education at Rutgers University with a B.S. in Accounting and a Minor in Music. With a passion and commitment to his craft, he continued performing in both big and combo jazz bands at MTSU and performed in symphonies at both schools.

Chad uses his broad experiences in life and career, including working as an independent landscaper, a shoe shiner, an accounting clerk, a finance manager, and recently as a data scientist, landlord, and antiques huckster, to draw from and turn into relatable stories. Chad is also an avid animal enthusiast, supporting numerous animal charities, and having previously served in a Siberian husky rescue organization.  Being a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury, he currently serves on the board of a regional charity to help TBI survivors and their families.

Chad currently resides with his wife and daughter in Butler, Kentucky and is an active member of the Global Songwriters Connection, the NSAI, and ASCAP.   He makes frequent trips to Nashville to perform in rounds, co-write, and meet with mentors.

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